Definition of Silence:

  • the complete absence of sound.
  • the fact or state of abstaining from speech.
  • the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something.

Silence has been a running theme in my life, since the days of my innocence. Birthed from my ancestors and a lineage fraught with pain, silence, and joy. All of these were not discussed throughout my life and over time the silence became deafening. Watching the collective un-silencing unfolding I cannot help but reflect on my silence “where did my voice go? why do I remain silent?”

My voice is stifled.

My voice is weak.

My voice is cautious.

As I breathe deep and continue to clear space, my voice is becoming un-silent. Images and sensations of being silent, afraid to scream fill the recesses of my soul but as they are releasing the energy is sparking something different. I am finding courage and passion to continue to breathe life into my voice. To express myself, my thoughts, my vulnerabilities, my rage, and be silenced no longer.

I will express my past.

I will express my future.

I will express my pain.

I will express my joy and pleasure.

What is happening collectively mirrors the transformation within. A collective parallel process that allows me to continue my path as I am inspired to speak and to claim my voice. We are claiming our voices. We are evolving past mistakes, past shames, and past destruction. Our voice is collectively changing the energy of the world and healing is happening. Healing is not pretty. It hurts, it is messy but it is also transformational. New spaces are discovered, and as we un-silence, as I un-silence I find I am not alone. There are so many voices tired of being silent. So many men wanting to cry out. So many women saying enough. People of colour, of all backgrounds finding their voices to speak out and break the silence.

The grace note in the darkness is that as I find my voice and become un-silent my capacity for joy, for curiosity, for pleasure and play also finds their way to expression. The sweetness of laughter, singing, and ecstasy all expressed by using my voice. Relishing in the energy of connection, love, and healing. Finding compassion for self and for others who have withered in their silence. Desperate to find and exert power through the pain. But that does not and will not break me. I open my heart and find compassion and understanding. I open my heart to speak and fill the silence with love and healing. I connect with those who want to hear what I have to offer. I connect through love to break the silence. I find the energy and the strength to fill the silence with inspiration and unwavering determination for myself and my community. We may look different, we may love different but we are all motivated to find connection and to fill the silence.

Breathe deep to find the silence within, to create space for your voice, your truth, and your power to fill your soul. To connect in ways that feed your soul and spark passion.

Fill your silence.

Passionate entrepreneur, psychologist and mother of 3, empowering others to find their voice. Finding & expressing my own voice through my writing.

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